Hi Yarn Gang,

How is everyone doing? Hanging in there at minimum I hope.

I realise that Bunny Crafts Oxford as a website has existed for about two months now and this is only really the second blog post I am doing..Shame On Me!

I wanted to talk about something today that is very much at the centre of my crafting life and that is confidence and impostor syndrome.

I am sure everyone has looked at an item they have made and thought it is rubbish and they are a hack, and they should just go live under a rock. I certainly feel that way at least several times a day and have minor freak outs of “OMG what if the customer hates the item when they receive it?! How will I live that down!?”

What we often tend to do in these situations and go in search of validation. We go chat to a partner or a parent or a friend and look for compliments or

we post a picture on Instagram, maybe with a self derogatory message, and watch all the positivity and compliments flood in and feel a bit better. This it turns out is not a very healthy behaviour.

The search for validation especially through Instagram likes and comments can be very addictive because it is an instant gratification moment. The problem there is that those moments are never enough and we crave more and more and more until sometimes we lose all sense of reality and all sense of self.

While we all want to have feedback on our work, and it is nice to be praised and have our skills acknowledges I honestly think that we should not get our validation from it. My reasoning for that is that there will always be one person who may disagree, who may not like what you do, or how you do it, or who may wish for a reason of their own to impart some level of wisdom advice. This can be soul destroying and can deepen the sense of worthlessness because you are getting your validation from these people rather than from yourself, your actions and the measurable successes of sales etc.

For me it all boils down to self love and having the courage to have and show confidence in my own abilities. I also think it is important to know that being confident does not make you arrogant. Confidence is knowing that you are good at something, but also acknowledging that you can always get better and that a skill is something that you nurture and grow forever. When you are confident you are open to constructive criticism and do not take it as an affront to your very being.

I thought that it may be helpful to share these thoughts and how I am dealing with my impostor syndrome and how I am slowly working on my confidence in the hope that you too will find it a useful to for any part of your life as the above applies to all aspects and skills.

Thank you for joining me and I hope you have a wonderful week.


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