Your Hand Knits are treasured objects that show off your skill, the love and efforts that went into making then and yes, our yarns. Below are some general care instructions that should help ensure that your hand knits stay beautiful and vibrant for years to come! 

Before you even make your knitted item

Think about the colours you are putting together. Despite all of the washing and rinsing that dyers put their yarn through, hand dyed yarn can bleed, especially for the first few washes. Some colours, such as teals and blues can bleed with every wash. 

If you are putting bright colours light light or white colours do a bleed test - make a small swatch with all the colours and soak it as if you are washing your knit to see if the bright colours will bleed and alter the lights. 

How to Wash Hand-Knit Clothes and Blankets

  • Detergent: Gentle or wool wash

  • Water Temperature: Cold

  • Cycle Type: Do not machine-wash

  • Drying Cycle Type: Do not machine-dry

  • Special Treatments: Hand-wash only

  • Iron Settings: Do not iron